What IS Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process where a placenta is prepared for postpartum consumption.  We follow the traditional method of encapsulation, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine. This amazing organ has many functions during pregnancy, including nourishment for fetal growth. Throughout history, there has been many traditions and uses for the placenta, some more practical than others.  Today, many women are requesting their placenta be encapsulated for the benefits it may provide during the postpartum period such as: increased lactation, improved mood, restored or balanced hormones, and generally a more positive recovery from birth.


Our Process

Our main priorities, as a postpartum placenta specialist, are your safety and peace of mind.  To that end, we have processes and rules in place to hold ourselves accountable and maintain the highest standards of professionalism.  The process begins with the owner of the placenta transporting it home.  We then come to your home to encapsulate.  This ensures it is your own and has not been exposed to unfamiliar bacteria. We always follow universal precautions by treating all placentas as if they carry blood-borne pathogens, to minimize any risk.  The whole process will be completed over a twenty-four hour period, with four of those hours requiring our specialist in your home.  


Why my home instead of yours? +

Your safety and peace of mind are our highest priorities. The guidelines that we hold ourselves to keep us accountable and far exceeds the industry standard. It benefits you to have this process done in your home in the following ways:

1) You can be confident that your placenta is in fact yours since it is the only one in your home and you brought it there yourself.
2) There is no risk of your placenta being exposed to any unfamiliar bacteria that may interfere with healthy postpartum recovery.
3) We can support you best in person. We are trained to educate and support you during your postpartum period as we are also trained doulas.

When do you start the process? +

Ideally, we like to begin the process within 2 days of your birth, so that your capsules will be ready for ingestion by day 3. If this is not possible or undesirable to you, freezing your placenta and then defrosting it prior to encapsulation is recommended. Your placenta can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Do I need to be home? +

This is completely up to you and your comfort level. Whatever you decide is how we will move forward. It is our desire to make the process as smooth and comfortable for you as possible.

How long is the process? +

The entire process will take approximately 24 hours. Our specialist will be with you for 2 hours each day for 2 consecutive days.

What do you need from me? +

You can feel confident that your postpartum placenta specialist's equipment and supplies are sanitized and prepared for your encapsulation. We bring everything we need. All we need from you is your placenta, access to a stove, sink and outlet to plug in the dehydrator. Sit back and enjoy your newborn or watch the whole process, it's completely up to you!

Where do I store the placenta? +

The placenta must be placed in a cooler on ice or in a refrigerator within 2-4 hours of the birth, until we begin the process. If we are not able to begin the encapsulation process within 3 days of birth, you will place the placenta in the freezer and defrost it in the refrigerator prior to our arrival.

How do I take my capsules? +

While we will discuss general guidelines for consumption, we will encourage you to follow your body's cues and set a routine for consumption that meets your individual needs.

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