Do you prefer to sleep on your back? 

When you sleep on your back, your uterus presses on the major vein that returns blood from your lower body. Lying on your back for a long time can make you feel dizzy and also disrupt the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta.  As your baby and uterus continue to grow in size, sleep gets more difficult and uncomfortable. It is unlikely that you will be able to spend all of your sleep hours in the same position.  While sleeping on your left side is preferred, don’t stress over changing positions. Many women end up on their backs in the middle of the night anyway. This simple suggestion is to make back sleep a safe option! As always, consult with your doctor or midwife for any questions or concerns you have about sleep habits and positions.


Step 1

 Roll a towel

Find a towel and roll it up!


Step 2

 Tuck towel

Tuck the towel under your hip!


Step 3


Make sure one hip is higher than the other.  Relax and get some sleep!



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 Pregnancy Hack - Back Sleeping

Pregnancy Hack - Back Sleeping