The baby is born and we become a new mom either for the first time or all over again. We want the world to stop spinning and time to stand still so we can soak up those precious newborn cuddles. Unfortunately, life keeps moving forward and maybe even faster than before. This is all too true with older children at home. Their needs for attention, physical activity, and mind stimulation do not stop when baby comes home. 


I had been looking for a solution to this problem for my clients with new babies. I wanted to come up with something that allowed for newborn snuggle-time while also meeting the needs of older children. With summer long gone the go-to options like parks, pools, and other outdoor activities are no more. This time of year we all know the trick to buying snuggles; Netflix. There are definitely some great educational viewing options and you should never feel guilty about using them in moderation, especially during the “fourth trimester.” But we can only watch so many episodes of Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger before losing our minds!  Am I right?!  Our older kids need an outlet to burn off that energy. 


So here is my top solution for the season! Omaha Community Centers offer “Toddler / Preschool Open Gym”  every Monday through Saturday. It really hits the nail on the head: inexpensive (kids are free and adults are $1), convenient, toddler friendly, and best of all, you get to sit and rest on the sidelines while snuggling that newborn!! Win, win, win!  I have used this option over the last few years and it's amazing!


I did have one problem. There was no simple list or calendar for all the times and locations! It drove me bonkers, caused me stress, and I just gave up and stayed home some days. So I made this easy-to-use chart off the information from different Omaha Community Center web pages. You can view the chart on our website or download the chart for offline use. Sweet right?! 


Please share with anyone who may benefit from this!

 Omaha Toddler / Preschool Open Gym Calendar! Updated for 2016/2017 season.

Omaha Toddler / Preschool Open Gym Calendar! Updated for 2016/2017 season.


I recommend calling ahead to make sure they haven't cancelled open gym for the day.  If you catch anything that needs updated on our chart, please let me know!