What IS Belly Binding?

Belly binding is traditionally done to support your postpartum body by improving posture, helping restore the abdominal wall muscles, supporting all of the ligaments that were loosened during pregnancy and birth, and to help encourage organs to return to the pre-pregnancy place and size. Wrapping can either be done over your clothes or under using an under wrap, you just need to let us know your preference!


When should I get wrapped?

It is ideal that after vaginal delivery, you be wrapped in the first week of the postpartum period. If you had a cesarean birth, the recommendation is waiting until 4-6 weeks postpartum with doctor’s approval. You can continue to wrap daily if you choose to. It's recommended to leave the wrap on for roughly 10 hours each day.


You can add Belly Binding to your Birth or Postpartum Doula package for 10% OFF. Contact us to set this up.